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Taking Care Of Your Flowers: The Right Way

At last, you've received your beautiful bouquet from Interflora and are ready to present your flowers in the perfect setting. Many people don't realize that there is a proper way to arrange flowers in order to help them live longer and, ultimately, look their very best. Yet, quite often, the way you arrange your flowers after receiving them can determine how long they will be in bloom.


Caring For Your Bouquet

There are several different steps you can take in order to get the most from your flowers and prolong their life. By following these steps you can be sure that your flowers will reach their best potential. Take the time to review these steps to see if you are properly following directions:

  • Once opened: Have you got your vase ready? Make sure you have the proper vase that can hold the amount of flowers you need. Remove foliage and leaves that are below your water level. This will help remove all unnecessary bacteria that can block the stem and stop flowers from taking up water.
  • Arrange the flowers properly: The suggested amount of water to fill a vase is about two-thirds full. The water should be at a lukewarm temperature, as this helps closed buds to start opening.
  • Handle the flowers with care: Unwrap the flowers with care in order to keep the flowers fresh. Handling with care also prevents leaves and buds from falling off the plant.
  • Remember: Do not arrange your flowers in cold water. The colder the water, the shorter your flowers' life will be. Aluminium or metal containers should also be avoided as glass is the best option for plant longevity in a vase.
  • Location of your flowers: Always keep your flowers in a cool location, away from draughts, direct sunlight, or extreme heat.

Maintaining Your Flower Bouquet

Once your flower bouquet is on display, it is important to maintain and care for your bouquet by following these easy tips:

  • Trim the stems: By trimming the stems of your flowers, you are increasing the surface area of the stem, and thus, allowing your flowers to absorb more water. Always remember to cut the stems at an angle of roughly 45 degrees, removing one inch of the stem. It is best to do this with a sharp knife rather than scissors which can damage the stem with squeezing.
  • Feeding your flowers: Most people don't realize what that little package in your flower package contains. With every Interflora order comes a food sachet designed to feed your flowers. This food encourages buds to open and helps prolong the life and beauty of your flowers. Also, ensure that the floristry foam used in your arrangements is moist and topped up daily. By doing this, you will help prolong the lifespan and beauty of your flowers.


Roses: Caring for Your Special Flowers

Roses can be difficult to maintain, and since roses are usually given during a special occasions, it may be important for you to maintain them for a longer period of time. If a rose starts to fall at the head, re-cut the stem, and wrap the head in paper. The paper should support the rose upright. Then, plunge 5cm of the stem into boiling water for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, cut the stem again and place it in deep, cold water for two hours.


Caring for your flowers doesn't end once you receive your flowers! Your Interflora bouquet has been specially selected and designed for your lasting enjoyment, and with a little extra care you can keep that bouquet blooming for a very long time.

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